A Complete Guide to Building a Wooden Shed

SHED PLANBuilding Wooden Sheds

The process of building your own wooden shed can be a tricky one that can cost you a lot of time and money. Between the design, location and the issue of lighting and power, these are projects not for the faint of heart. It requires a lot of determination and skill to build a proper shed, but the end result of seeing you vision come to life is one that is very worth it. Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways to make shed building an easy and attainable goal, and this website will cover everything you need to know to make this possible. Once you know how to build a wooden shed, you will understand the process more and wonder what seemed so complicated at first. All of the articles on our site are catered towards both beginner and expert shed builders and are spoken in a language that anybody can understand with minimal lingo. By the end of your project you will look back at the process of building a wooden shed as something that was fun and enjoyable as opposed to frustrating. Take a look at the following tips for the down-low on how to build your shed in a way that is an enjoyable learning experience as much as a tough project.


Shed Plans

Although those with carpentry experience will likely want to embark on creating their own designs and specifications, for everyone else there are plenty of pre-made shed designs available on the market to provide you with hassle-free, reliable designs guaranteed to help you create a solid shed that will last you well into the future. You can find some designs for free on the internet, but for guaranteed quality and reliability you must purchase one. Luckily, there are plenty of designs available for all different kinds of sheds, from simple storage sheds to shop sheds for your hobbies. Find a design that is best suited to you and your requirements for your home shed and you will be more than happy with the final product. Ultimately, these step-by-step designs are a convenient way to ensure that anybody of any skill level can create a reliable shed, no matter how little experience you have or how many times you have failed to create a shed in the past. Check out our Designing Your Own vs. Buying Plans article for more information.

Why Use Shed Plans?
• Reliable specifications that are guaranteed to work
• Variety of designs for any kind of shed
• Simple instructions for people of all skill levels

back yard shedFree Shed Plan

Download the full plan for this shed for free.   It contains full instructions including a step by step guide on how to build this shed from scratch including materials and assembly guide.  Click here to Download this Plan.

Prefab Kits

For those that want an even easier and more convenient process than shed plans, prefab kits are a great choice. Not only do these kits come with designs and instructions, but they include all of the necessary materials as well. This will save you the time of going to the store and purchasing all of the required woods and materials as each piece is already included and cut to the exact shape that they need to be. These kits only require you to have basic carpentry skills and tools and make the shed building process much easier than designing and purchasing the necessary materials on your own. The money you invest into these kits will be a fraction of the money you would spend on designing your own shed from scratch, so definitely consider the investment if you think that shed plans are not enough for you.

Benefits of Prefab Shed Kits
• Instructions
• Factory-cut pieces provided
• Ideal for first-time shed builders

wooden garageZoning and Permit Regulations

Of course, before you decide to build a shed based on your chosen design you must make sure that it meets your local zoning and permit regulations. Each state and province has its own unique regulations regarding the size and location that is allowable for shed building, so make sure you are well aware of these specifications before you being creating your wooden shed. Failure to do so can result in the city forcing you to take down your shed, ruining all of your hard work and effort. Take a look at our Zoning and Permit Regulations article for more in-depth information on this topic.

Planning Your Location

Choosing the right location for your shed may seem difficult, but it really all depends on how big you want your shed to be and the ideal spot in your yard. Make sure to choose a spot with plenty of space as well as an area where your shed will minimally affect the surrounding environment. For example, do not plan to build your shed close to a neighbors tree of window, or nearby any of your own windows, as this can cause problems. Moisture is another environmental factor that can negatively affect your shed and destroy its integrity over time. Try to choose an area that is dry to prevent this from happening. Ultimately, it is important to always keep the surrounding environment in mind when choosing a location. Additionally, make sure that the spot you choose is in line with the zoning and permit regulations of your town, as mentioned above. Finally, make sure that the area you choose is a flat surface, as building a foundation on an uneven floor will be difficult and can lead to structural problems and damage in the future. Check out our Preparing Your Foundation and Planning Your Location articles for more information on these topics.

Things to Consider When Planning Your Location
• Size of shed
• Surrounding environment
• Traffic patterns
• Dryness of area
• Accessibility of area

wooden shedDo I Need A Power Source?
Depending on the kind of shed you are building, a power source may be necessary. If you are using your shed for simple storage purposes than you will likely not need to worry about lighting and power options; making sure you have enough windows will give you enough natural light during the daytime to help you see everything in your shed. However, if you are using your shed as a shop you then will definitely need a power source for lighting and possibly machines. Electrical power sources are the best way to go and can be installed by hiring an electrician. Alternatively, solar powered sources are also available and are more eco-friendly, although they are more expensive and run by charging during the daytime using sunlight. This can make them slightly less reliable, especially in times of little sunlight. Ultimately, hiring an electrician to create a power source for lighting your shed is an expensive process that should only be used for those that really need light sources. Otherwise, utilizing natural light sources by using proper window locations is the cheaper way to go. Take a look at our Power Options article for more information on this topic.

Customizing Your Shed

One of the reasons that many people stay away from predesigned shed plans and prefab kits is because they want a unique shed exactly the way they want. However, these people do not realize that just because you are following pre-designed plans does not mean that you cannot personalize your shed. There are many ways that you can customize your sheds look including using specific roof, shelf and siding materials. The kind of materials you use for these characteristics will give your shed a unique look, and each of these materials have different pros and cons that will ultimately determine their suitability for your shed. Although you should never deviate from the specific dimensions and specifications of your predesigned shed plans, feel free to use different roof, shelf and siding materials if appropriate. Take a look at our Shelving, Siding Options and Best Roofing Materials articles for more information on these topics.

garden and tool shedAt the end of the day, purchasing shed designs and using the above tips is a surefire way to ensure that you build a quality shed tailored to your needs. The convenience and instruction offered by these products are made to be accessible by anybody, no matter the skill or experience level. Building a shed from scratch is a daunting process that can cost lots of time and money, and without the proper experience this effort can lead to failure. By using shed designs and prefab kits you will learn the ropes of the shed building process and after enough experience using these products you can work your way up to creating your own shed from scratch. Take a look at the various articles on our website for simple but in-depth information on the various topics surround building your own wooden shed to ensure that you have enough background information before purchasing your shed designs .

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